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awesome - Zee,

i have a siamese tortie pointed cat and she is a young one; she might scratch cuz she can sometimes get afraid. ❤😅

A Ball Of Energy!!!!! - Katrina,

I have a 7 week old Tortie Point mind you I have all my life had Siamese kittens cats I had a family of 7 Siamese grandmother 2d.aughters 2 sons 2 grand daughters all wore born at my home ,so I know how kittens can be full of energy ,But this one here the Tortie Point I think he is Hyperactive and if he doesn't grow out of it ,Him or me will need some meds.I have never seen anything like it.But at the same time he is the smartest loving effectionate little boy.We wouldn't trade him for the world .He has a forever home with us even if we are all on