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Siberian is best breed ever - Brian, Florida,

The synopsis listed here is spot on. I've had a LOT of cats. We take care of around 20-30 cats at a time through a fostering program. We also have 3 of our own dogs and 3 cats. Being from Siberia (aka Forest Cats) Bane's coat protects him well from the wet and cold elements. His coat is twice the density of normal cats and waterproof so he doesn't mind getting wet. In the summer in Florida he needs to have a lion cut or he is very uncomfortable and walks around complaining (via his constant roaming and Meowing for my attention). He goes room to room on his own opening the doors along the way; as long as they are the latch type handles that he can jump up and grab. He gets along with all animals he has been around as though they aren't even there. (Including possums, squirrels and raccoons) He is fine by himself. He sheds quite a bit in the summer so a lion trim addresses that as well. Bane is a strhe is cat yet gentle as any I have ever experienced. I have never seen him act aggressively except in self defense if escape isn't an option. He would rather run than fight. He loves being brushed and sitting in laps. His fangs protrude from his mouth. He drools like a dog when petted. You cant go wrong with a Siberian. Extremely loyal and highly intelligent. He must be kept cool in the summer by trimming his coat .