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Singapura Forever! - Mette,

I was lucky enough to have two Singapuras. My male died of cancer at 18 years of age and was a charming 'doggy-cat' to the end. My female is too intelligent for words and is a 20-year-old kitten who has always lived ONLY indoors.

This cat is snugly, always playful, and loves the outdoors! - Loricat,

This cat fits the description exactly. Our singapura cat is kept inside as an indoor cat, but he is obsessed with the outdoors and therefore is always trying to escape. He was easily trained to open doors, come and jump when told, and has learned to use the toilet instead of a litter box. Our cat usually sleeps with someone and will curl up next to us if he is cold during the day. Even though he is 7 years old, our cat still plays like a kitten! We have never had to take our cat to the vet for problems, but here is a tip: DO NOT let your cat into the garage! If you want a snugly forever-kitten this cat is definitely for you.