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We will always have Wolfhounds - Cynthia, California,

The Irish Wolfhound is a magnificent dog and is wonderful with children. They are a friendly dog and easygoing but when provoked will protect their family with their lives. They are good with other dogs but must be trained from an early age to cohabit with smaller animals like cats. It’s important to remember they are sighthounds and their instinct will kick in so do not let them off leash unless they are in a large fenced area. They need space and exercise so ample fenced property is ideal. Exercise when they are puppies must be limited as they grow due to their size and the rate of their bone growth. They are slow to mature. Some dig and some don’t. When they do, the holes they dig are large! When in training, they do not do well with harshness and aggressiveness. Just because they are large doesn’t mean they need a heavy hand. Be patient, positive, and kind. They are a sensitive breed. Being a giant breed, their life spans are shorter than your average dog. Please educate yourself about their health issues before committing to owning one and find a reputable breeder who follows all health testing guidelines.