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Absolute heart hounds and soul mates - Debbie,

Must respect the massive growth curve and protect there young bodies from over use or strain as they grow. Couch potatoes, very stubborn, need to be a member of the family and prefer to be with their humans 24/7. Can be prone to illness / injury and only have a short average life span. The BEST companions ever!!! We've had 6 and desperately hope to get another one! THEY ARE BIG! Some of our boys have been 100kgs and 7 foot from nose to tale.

These great hounds - Hernameisveronica,

I've kept Irish Wolfhounds for over 30 years. Each is an individual, but in general they are lovely, funny, and devoted animals. Make sure you get a good breeder, if anything goes wrong, they will be there to help. Great information is available HERE: They are wonderful dogs, but are not cheap to keep and die younger than most regular dogs. I've had a retriever that outlived two Wolfhounds. In addition to a LOT of food, their size and weight mean you'll be paying a lot more for flea/tick, heart worm prevention, dental care -- any meds and care/boarding are at premium fees as well. They really don't like their people gone all day, but will tolerate it if you ask it of them. Mine have all been good with toddler and older kids, two have hated cats, one rescue was afraid of stairs(?). In general the are lovely and loving dogs who deserve a good home with a large yard and regular exercise. Just make sure you've planned your budget ahead, and take the time to find a breeder who will accompany you throughout the life of a hound. A "good" puppy costs about the same as a poor one, and will cost you much more in heartache, pain, and medical bills that may result from poor breeding. If you like quiet walks down city streets, might look for another breed. They do draw questions and conversations when you go out with them. For shy people or introverts, that part of IW ownership can be hard.

We will always have Wolfhounds - Cynthia, California,

The Irish Wolfhound is a magnificent dog and is wonderful with children. They are a friendly dog and easygoing but when provoked will protect their family with their lives. They are good with other dogs but must be trained from an early age to cohabit with smaller animals like cats. It’s important to remember they are sighthounds and their instinct will kick in so do not let them off leash unless they are in a large fenced area. They need space and exercise so ample fenced property is ideal. Exercise when they are puppies must be limited as they grow due to their size and the rate of their bone growth. They are slow to mature. Some dig and some don’t. When they do, the holes they dig are large! When in training, they do not do well with harshness and aggressiveness. Just because they are large doesn’t mean they need a heavy hand. Be patient, positive, and kind. They are a sensitive breed. Being a giant breed, their life spans are shorter than your average dog. Please educate yourself about their health issues before committing to owning one and find a reputable breeder who follows all health testing guidelines.