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Verified Reviews for Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

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Hard work - Jodie,

Malinois are hard work but incredibly fun and intelligent. Good for people who have lots of time and are very active

Best Dog - Matthew,

I have had a few dogs over the years, including huskies, weiner dogs, chows, terriers, pit bulls, etc.. This dog by FAR is the best dog and friend i could have asked for. He is extremely loyal to me, while being friendly to other people, yet he wont approach them or allow them near me without me introducing him (a simple handshake does it). Almost never defiant, extremely smart, beautiful dog with no health problems, good with children (even a 2 year old). The only potentially negative about him is he is rough with other dogs, keeping in mind they are herding dogs and very playful with very high energy (he will run until his heart gives out and loves to chase). He obeys my commands and never leaves my side unless i say its ok. Oh and he doesn't destroy things unless they are his toys or bones. Perfect dog, just perfect.

Don’t get a Belgian Shepherd, without a professional dog trainer - Lisa,

I have a Belgian Malinois and they are Not meant for everyone. They love to bite as playing. I work with a professional dog trainer twice a week and work her every day. If you get one, you need to work with a trainer that is familiar with the breed. My dog is well behaved, but I spend hours with her. They are not meant to be left in the backyard. If you want a family dog, get a golden retriever!

My Best Friends!!! - Deborah,

Been rescuing Malinois since 1998, best breed around!! As intense as they work, they love and cuddle As intensely!! They have a great sense of humor as well. Always had GSD's, but the Mali is my favorite.