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Error/ this breed is NOT considered herding but livestock guardian - Annette/,

Maremma sheepdogs are in the livestock guardian grouping. Not a herding breed. Huge difference.

My 8mth old Maremma, Sass ????‍❄️ - Andrew,

Sass (short for Sasquatch lol) is the friendliest and much loved puppy by most people he meets in public. I have socialised him since ownership (at 7 weeks old) with both people and other dogs and he will happily play with any other dog of all sizes. As commonly known, Sass is typical of this breed and is a very 'independent thinker' but with consistent training will follow commands well - upon consideration of my 'requests' even if he likes to try to be the boss whenever he can although Sass basically toilet trained himself and figures a lot out for himself. On property Sass seems to get adequate exercise as he runs around all over but in a suburban unit I take him for several walks a day to keep him occupied and stimulated - Maremma are very smart dogs and can tend to be destructive if they get bored. I love my dog. He is the my first Maremma and very popular to others due to his friendly nature in my presence. He does bark at anything he feels he needs to though so socialisation has been valuable and is important if not used solely as a guardian dog. He is big already as their breed is but if you have the time to give to a loyal and loving friend, Maremma are a beautiful, proud, smart and protective pet I'm absolutely adoring owning. Most reports I've read are very accurate from my experience so have a read before you decide and if you want a devoted friend (hardly a submissive 'dog' but a true individual friend) and an absolutely gorgeous pet for the next 10-12years, I can not recommend Maremma more! That's my opinion anyway. Hope it helps ????