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German Longhaired Pointer Dogs

A playful german longhaired pointer with his tongue out A beautiful german longhaired pointer with amber eyes A majestic german longhaired pointer sitting in the countryside A wet german longhaired pointer charging through the countryside


This breed was developed in the mid-1800s by crossing English Setters and English Pointers, with a focus on developing a pointer with added speed. With selective breeding, this originally stubborn dog was bred to be friendly. It first made an appearance in a dog show shown in 1878, in Frankfurt. From then on, breeders worked hard to breed a dog that would do equally well in field activities and in the dog show ring.


German Longhaired pointers are a kind and gentle breed. They love affection and will quickly integrate right into the family. They hate being left alone. As a breed they have a huge amount of stamina and will need a lot of daily exercise if you don’t want an over-energetic dog tearing up your couch. They are usually good with everyone they meet, including children. Like all dogs, early socialization is a big help.

Health Problems

German Longhaired Pointers may be prone to canine hip dysplasia (CHD), bloat, and ear infections.

Breed Details

  • Status: Common
  • Life Expectancy: 10 -13 years
  • Weight: 62 - 70 pounds
  • Rare: No
  • Coat: Medium - Double
  • Grooming Requirements: More than once per week
  • Town or Country: Country
  • Minimum Home Size: Large House
  • Minimum Garden Size: Large Garden
  • Breed Type: Gun Dog
  • Size: Large
  • Energy Level: High
  • Exercise Required: Over 2 hours

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