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Gentle, easy going and friendly creatures - Tim,

I've had 3 bullmastiffs and expecting an 8 week old within the next week. I couldn't go back to any other breed although I've had a variety of big dogs over the years. None of mine have slobbered in doors. They seem to only do so outside when sniffing about. They love going for walks with you and are true companions staying close at all times. Mine have matured fairly quickly and by 1 year they seem to have just about left the puppy stage. They take up little room even though they are big, mine being 70kg+. They just find a spot and are happy. You might have to fight them for a spot on the settee but we have never allowed them on the furniture and they learn quickly and want to please so training has been quick. They are amazingly loving and laid back, very little upsets them. Having said all that, I just hope that my new addition doesn't let me down.