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Love, love, love my Chihuahua babies! - Marsha,

They can be lazy or run you crazy with demands for pets and love! I love when mine know I'm feeling down or poorly and will snuggle up like they know what's on my mind. It never fails to bring me out of my mood and brighten my day! I lost my husband last September of 2022 and they both have rallied around me like they know when I'm lonely or down. I think they know what I'm talking about when I talk to them. They are so intuitive!

Loving, protective, and full of personality! - Ben, Merseyside,

I have two Chihuahuas a lad named Loki and a lady named Lilly. They are both neutered and are the greatest companions to me and my wife. They are fearless, got both of us through health issues with their love and care, make great door bells, fierce defenders of their Mum, and use most of our king sized bed when we go to bed at night :^) I went from dobermans to chihuahuas as I have gotten older I wanted an easier dog to handle but funny enough I spend more energy on my two then I ever did on my dobermans but they more than make up for it, as it is a need to take care of them that gets me out of bed in the morning especially during the pandemic. They are barky and protective so I take care with anyone visiting or when out walking them and even though short haired I am always covered in "chihuahua glitter" much to my wife's annoyance. Very intelligent and stubborn but when my wife engages them they respond well to training (I am too soft on them, lol, and they rule me for sure) enjoying puzzles/games that we have acquired for them. Anything for a treat and they think ALL food is meant for them so you have to watch their weight. They are sun bunnies loving a spot in the sun but even more they love laying on you and being cuddled .... our Loki will give a smell yelp/bark to let you know you have stopped petting whilst Lilly simply gives you a paw smack. If thinking of a companion dog think Chi! Regards, Ben