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I have a German shepherd and he's my best friend. - Yareli,

Intelligent and hard working but be aware of health issues - Selena,

You don't make it to the top ten most popular dog breeds without health problems. Mostly due to inbreeding and backyard breeders. They are friendly dogs to their family but are very protective. Make sure that you spend the time to train your pup to accept others or at least check in before deciding for him/herself that the person in front of you is a danger. They are beautiful dogs and range from 70-120 lbs. As for health generally they are good skin wise but if you decide to opt for a reputable breeder make sure the parents are elbow and hip testing by OFA. This will reduce your chances of hip dysplasia and other expensive issues. Also check with your breeder and the AKC to see how inbred they are. anything under 1% is good and definitely back off with anything above 3%. Also remember there are 3 different lines. West show, East, and Czech. Each with their own temperaments and looks.

Loves lots of attention and great with kids! - Abigail,

We have a lovely White German Shepherd, he is 4 years old, and gets on great with the family and other young children, but sees adult strangers as a threat, so he is great as a family pet and a guard dog 2 in 1. He is a very playful, energetic dog, and loves lots of exercise, but also likes to sleep a lot. He also thinks he's the police man, so sometimes needs a firm hand. So over all they are a great dog for the family as well as a great guard dog.