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Labradors - Jean,

I have had three Labradors, and have yet to find a bad trait. I have raised four children with Labradors as family pets, the dogs have all been patient and loyal , greeting the children as long lost friends on their return from school. Very much the family dog. The downside of owning a Labrador is much the same as any other breed, if they get bored they get naughty, and if they feel high spirited on a particular day mischief abounds. Over the years mine have eaten a hole in the sofa, down to the frame, eaten their way into a large box of tea bags, and spread them around the sitting room, ( a box of 180 spreads across 26 feet!) and shredded pot plants. Probably best not to have this breed if you are houseproud, they love water and muddy walks. Give some thought as to how you could wash your dog down, lifting a puppy into the sink is one thing, doing the same for a 40 kilo fully grown dog is quite another. A downstairs shower works best! Labradors are well known for having cast iron stomachs, will eat anything and everything. Will steal food if there is an opportunity to do so, without a trace of shame. Who cares if it was meant for the humans? Loving , funny and loyal, calm and easily trained. Their love of food makes training very simple. The best dog for a life in the countryside, not too sure how they would cope in towns, or being left alone for long periods, which IMHO is not the best life for any dog, regardless of breed.