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Verified Reviews for Parson Russell Terrier

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Great family dog - Sue,

We have a Male 2 year old Parson. He is incredibly friendly, gets on well with other dogs and loves to play. He is also great with children. He enjoys going on walks but they dont have to be long. No downside, great breed.

Happy dog - Julie,

I love my JRT Emma! She will be 10 years old in November. She has a great personality and is very cute. The only thing that bothers me is she has to bark at any and all dogs she sees!

- Nicky,

Had mine for 8 months now. Feel like I've had him longer. So loving and loyal. Beautiful temperament and so energetic. Loves to chase a ball all day long. Loves cuddles

- Dog,

Energetic - Rob,

Had a PRT for 2 years now. He's such a character, very intelligent, great fun and u can't tire him out. He will hunt at every opportunity thou. So far he's only killed one rabbit

Great dog - David,

Friendly and loving