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Pugs are the BEST!❤️ - Vera,

I had a pug a couple of years ago and when my old boy crossed the rainbow bridge I missed him terribly. So, I got another Pug! His baby brother is amazing as well! Pugs are loving, loyal and will always make you laugh! ALL dogs take some work, they are living creatures that need dedication & attention. Never adopt any dog without dedication in mind.

Nonsense talked about pugs - Archie,

I’m on my 4th pug and am perplexed by your description of them. Mine have at least an hour of brisk walking off the lead every day and they love it even the ten year old. In my experience pugs that ‘don’t walk’ tend only to be reticent because they are overweight and consequently struggle to breathe if they run. Like most dogs they actually need plenty of exercise and a very strict diet to keep their weight down. They are also incredibly clever which is why they can be difficult to persuade to do anything that don’t interest them. It’s not stupidity but stubbornness. But with bribery you can ‘train’ a pug to anything you want !

Gorgeous - Lesley,

My little pug is 3 years old now. I absolutely adore her companionship. She follows me literally everywhere, even to the toilet, and she can be fast asleep on the sofa! She is very friendly, loves people, especially children, and loves chasing her toys around the house. She also loves playing with an empty toilet roll. She hates going for walks, and hides under the table when the word ‘walk’ is mentioned. She would much rather sleep on the back of my sofa, or on my lap. She absolutely loves water too, including having a shower, and a dip in her paddling pool. Pugs are lazy dogs, that tire easily, so short little walks suit her. If you want a loving, loyal little companion that isn’t much work, have a pug! Best thing I ever did. I wouldn’t be without her.

Friendly, yet entergetic. - Catheine,

my pug loves to run and jump, she loves to dig, even in the couch. I would recomend garden fencing. she is cute, but sniffs the cat and wrestles with it, but she is barely a 16 week old, so she probobly cant tell that the cat is a cat, not a dog. other than that, super friendly! has a good appearance, to.