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Saluki info - Charlie, Moray,

If you are thinking of becoming a new Saluki owner and have experience of other dog breeds then be prepared to forget all you know. The Saluki is an independent thinker, not responding to one word commands and recall is not to be relied on. They are classed as aloof and will often attach to one person in the household. They don't like being alone or being apart from their chosen owner. The one rule to remember is in the Saluki world, there are no rules. They get 5 stars for appearance, This breed of dog has elegance and grace. Three stars for friendliness as they can be a bit eager to go into hunting mode with smaller animals. Three stars for hardness as their thin fur with no underfur will have them enjoying jumpers and coats in the cold weather. Two stars for gardens, as if they have no safe open field to run in, they will run the garden, this can trash a lawn and damage plants. They are also very slow to mature.