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A wonderful companion dog if you don't mind living under a cloud of fluff - Ieva, Neath Port Talbot,

My Samoyed died at 16 years old a couple of months ago so there is an element of nostalgia tinting this review. We got her from a rescue organisation at the age of about 6 months and struggled to get her to walk to heel from then until the age of about 12, after which she walked beautifully! She was mostly friendly to the other dogs (apart from our Jack Russell who didn't really like her at all, but even with her she was tolerant) and she loved cats, but her focus was on the human family, me in particular. As time passed, she became more certain that we needed to be told what to do throughout the day! A benevolent dictator who needed to know where I was most of the time, but obsessed with squirrel hunting in the autumn and loved the beach. Her coat maintenance became problematic as she got too old to tolerate the groomer (and many groomers won't take Samoyeds because of the extra work) - neither of us enjoying the sessions very much, but she would never snap or growl. I recommend Samoyeds as family and companion dogs but probably not for the elderly or for households where everyone works full time.