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Verified Reviews for Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

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Friendly, Gentle, Loving - Emily,

I have a slovakian rough haired pointer mix (he's a bit smaller but looks extremely similar) and he's the best dog in the world. He is gentle, wouldn't dark at anyone or hurt a fly, perfect for kids too. He is very energetic and loves walks, runs and hikes. Low maintences to his fur and shedding isn't an issue. Suuuuper bad separation anxiety though, he's always sitting by me or ontop of me and wants so much attention, sometimes cries when i don't pet him LOL but i've never met a more loyal and loving and GENTLE dog in my life.

they are very friendly - Joseph,

i myself have one and he is the funniest , nicest/friendliest dog ever

Lovely nature - Micaela,

We have a Slovakian Rough Coated pointer who is 8 years old. We got him as a puppy from Stormdancer. I can confirm all the comments about the breed. Very loyal, a companion dog, but very strong, so you must be a sturdy type to deal with exercising this breed. Very intelligent and fabulous with children- patient and loving. Not suitable for a town environment. This dog needs lots and lots and lots of a walk of 1-2 hours daily plus time spent in the garden. He is a scent hound... will pick up deer foxes, and pheasant scents and will be you MUST secure your boundaries. Only now at 8 is he calming down: very very active breed. But completely adorable!

Wonderful , mad as a March hare - Peter,

This breed can be very very VERY active it is especially necessary to keep it controlled when young to avoid short and long term injury through over exuberant behaviour. Amazing animal that needs much exercise and access to water will give it the low weight bearing and full exercise it needs when young and older. Train train train from an early age with repitition and calmness they will get it , but very intelligent, so may need to be convinced, 6 times is enough, then play then repeat. You will be hugely rewarded if patient.