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- Naomi,

I have an Aussie girl who is just over a year and she is the best dog I’ve ever had! Over my years of owning multiply dogs I would say Aussies are amazing dogs! They absolutely love humans and pick up training so easily! I wouldn’t say to get an Aussie if you aren’t willing to groom weekly, train daily, give them lots of attention and take them for long hood walks daily. Over all Australian shepherds are amazing dogs and will be amazing pets for one person or a whole family!

Highly active and smart breed - Evelyn,

A wonderful and fun dog breed the Australian shepherd is not for someone who just wants to hang around the house and go for a leisurely walk. They need plenty of running, sport or agility to tire them out physically. And they also need a "job" to tire them out mentally - such as obedience, nose work and also agility. Highly intelligent they can develop an understanding of several words and signals. They are loyal and obedient (generally), but can be stubborn. The personalities can differ quite a bit from pup to pup. Some may be more shy and hesitant in new situations and others are more outgoing. Because of their energy level and exuberance they can be overwhelming for very young children.