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Had a Hungarian Vizsla - Julie,

Amazing dogs, loyal & affectionate. Will test who is boss, but gently reminding is the way with this breed. Had our boy Bertie till almost 13 years, but he was a big boy. Get the training right & they are a joy to walk & watch. Not a dog for you if you work away from home They do not have an under coat so feel the cold quickly, they do malt however.

Best dog ever - Rachael,

Amazing dog if you have an active, outdoor life. Not a first time owners dog but if we'll trained and well exercised they are a perfect family dog. They don't like being left alone. Loves mountain biking with us and is super with my 7 year old son ❤️

Best family dog - Irena,

Lovely dog.Great with children,protective. My is 14 but .We will missed him soon very sad

Dog sat for a weekend & this dog was affectionate, responsive & active, & extremely adorable - Scott,